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By Marc Ferrancullo Jr. BSChem., M.P.H., (i.p.), Maximo Mendoza CHEM. E., Inventor, Conrado Dayrit MD.

"If Virgin Coconut oil could check the AIDS virus why not on SARS"

- There is much momentum pushing coconut oil in the limelights now. Forget about "aflatoxins". Forget about the "saturated" fat-negative connotation as it associated and promotes the LDL or the bad cholesterol as cascaded by some western medical journals. But what's the truth about Virgin Coconut oils? Why is it so famous in the world now yet here in the Philippines it seems its promotion is slow and such oil is quite new to anyone? The fact is that Virgin Coconut Oil has been used by our ancient forefathers who naturally extract coconut oil from its coconut mil cook it directly with the great fire from fire of the dried coconut branches, flowers or even coconut husks and coconut shell until the moisture evaporates and the sweet nutty aroma and creamy tasty oil is left in the big frying pan although now this process has been modified using quick drying method, fermentation method and applying lower heat as much as possible just to completely eliminate the moisture from the oil. Virgin coconut oil is also different from the ordinary Coconut oil we are using everyday or RBD CNO-refined bleached deodorized coconut oil. It is understood that such oil has been neutralized or applied with some bases like aqueous sodium hydroxide or lye to lower the free fatty acid, it has also been degummed from its crude oil state using phosporic acid solution to eliminate the phosphatides and some impurities because its raw materials is the dried copra and not the coconut milk itself. RBD CNO has also been bleached using some important clays or activated carbon to lower its color due to its exposure to high temperature at the range of 180-200 C. After which the oil is sprayed with steam to eliminate the odor and such process is called deodorization. So basically the great difference of Virgin Coconut oil from ordinary coconut oil is its process. High temperature usually destroyed the fatty acid components of the oil and sometimes polymerization would take place producing such chemicals like (PAH) polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in which in recent studies could promote some cancers and other degenerative diseases. Virgin Coconut oil is white in color and the sweet creamy nutty aroma and taste is maintained and not being eliminated. That should be its nature and inherent characteristic to be considered "virgin oil". In other country in Asia like Japan it is termed "White Oil" hence its color is clear white.


Its trure that Virgin Coconut oil like the ordinary coconut oil is saturated but not all saturated oil is bad to health as being tagged by some western journals. They said coconut oil is saturated therfore its bad to the health that's pure economic protectionism as in the case of coconut oil partucularly virgin coconut oil its fatty acid is saturated but of medium chain type not long chain. In recent studies MCFA (medium chain fatty acid) which is saturated when taken into our body is easily absorbed and metabolized in the liver and quickly converted to energy and will not promote the LDL nor trigger the cholesterol in the blood as what some papers had claimed. Lauric acid or (C:12) is the most abundant

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